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Special Issue

Mobility, Identities, and Cultural Transformations in Africa

  • Submission Deadline: 30 July 2024
  • Status: Open for Submission
  • Lead Guest Editor: Jaouad Radouani
About This Special Issue
The special issue on "Mobility, Identities, and Cultural Transformations in Africa" seeks to explore the dynamic interplay between mobility, identities, and cultural transformations on the African continent. With a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, languages, and historical contexts, Africa provides a compelling backdrop for investigating the ways in which movement and migration shape individual and collective identities, influencing cultural expressions, and fostering or challenging socio-cultural transformations.
The special issue aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the multifaceted relationships between mobility, identities, and cultural dynamics in Africa. By shedding light on the complexities of these interactions, the issue seeks to:
(1) Uncover the nuanced ways in which various forms of mobility, such as migration, urbanization, and travel, impact the construction and negotiation of identities in Africa.
(2) Examine how cultural transformations, driven by mobility, influence traditional practices, artistic expressions, and linguistic diversities across the continent.
(3) Explore the role of historical, economic, and political factors in shaping mobility patterns and their consequences on cultural identities.
(4) Investigate the impact of technological advancements, globalization, and transnational connections on the mobility of African populations and the resulting cultural shifts.
The special issue welcomes a variety of scholarly contributions, including but not limited to:
(1) Research Articles: Original research that contributes empirical findings or theoretical insights to the understanding of mobility, identities, and cultural transformations.
(2) Review Articles: Comprehensive reviews that synthesize existing literature, identify gaps, and propose future directions for research in the field.
(3) Case Studies: In-depth analyses of specific cases or communities that illustrate the complex dynamics of mobility and cultural change in Africa.
(4) Theoretical Contributions: Conceptual frameworks, theoretical discussions, or methodological innovations that advance the study of mobility and cultural transformations.
Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts adhering to the guidelines provided by the journal. Submissions should be sent to the guest editors by the specified deadline.
By addressing these themes, the special issue aspires to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationships between mobility, identities, and cultural transformations in the diverse and dynamic context of Africa.

Authors are encouraged to submit original research, theoretical contributions, and case studies that address, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Migration and Identity: Exploring the impact of internal and external migration on individual and collective identities within African societies.
  2. Urbanization and Cultural Change: Investigating how urbanization processes influence cultural practices, values, and the formation of new urban identities.
  3. Transnationalism and Globalization: Analyzing the role of transnational connections, diaspora communities, and global networks in shaping African cultural landscapes.
  4. Technological Transformations: Examining the influence of technology, particularly digital media and communication, on mobility patterns and cultural identities.
  5. Economic Drivers of Mobility: Investigating the relationship between economic factors, such as labor migration and trade, and cultural transformations in Africa.
Lead Guest Editor
  • Jaouad Radouani

    Department of English Studies, University Mohamed Premier , Nador, Morocco

Guest Editors
  • Ahlam Lamjahdi

    Department of English Studies, University Mohamed Premier , Nador, Morocco

  • Yssouf Sikensi Toure

    Department of English Studies, University Felix Houphouet Boigny, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

  • Fatima Chafyq

    Department of English Studies, University Mohamed Premier , Nador, Morocco

  • Azzeddine Diouani

    Department of English Studies, University Mohamed Premier , Nador, Morocco

  • Umarova Makhliyo

    Department of English Studies, Uzbakistan State University of World Languages, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Ayele Fafavi D’Almeida

    Department of English Studies, University of Lomé, Lomé, Togo

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